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New user to twine, figuring my way around.

I was trying to do

You are infact
[[A grandchild of the Fey->Weakness]] (set: $HeroRace to Fey-Kin)
[[A towering and hungry Ogre->Weakness]](set: $HeroRace to Ogre)

This didn't work, because the both set's were being triggered. A few variants of this also didn't work.

Checking the forums, I found a similar problem, which was fixed with:

You are infact
(link: "A grandchild of the Fey")[(set: $HeroRace to "Fey-Kin")\
    (go-to: "Weakness")]
(link: "A towering and hungry Ogre")[(set: $HeroRace to "Ogre")\
    (go-to: "Weakness")]

While a little longer, this functionally works.

However I noticed that when I used the second method, the passages no longer show as connected in the twine UI.

Is there a different method, which means I can have a user choice set a value and take them to the next passage, without losing the visibility of the passage link, in the UI for me as the designer?

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Just throw the link you want in a comment. 

<!-- [[Weakness]] -->


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