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For this Q&A site, is there a preferred language to use for Sugarcube and/or Harlowe code so that it is nicely highlighted for questions?

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I am assuming you mean the 'language' selection within the Code snippet dialog, then I personally either use the 'Not Set' option if the Passage example contains mostly Text and TwineScript (macros) which is the majority of the examples, or 'HTML' if it contains mostly HTML element structures. Obviously if the example is either CSS or Javascript then I use the relevant selection.

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Fair enough, I was hoping one of the languages made twine-script pretty.
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The term Twine-Script is a bit like the term Motor-Vehicle, in that it describes a general class of programming languages rather than a specific programming language.

As each of the (currently) three default Story Formats has it's own syntax for it's macro language, and as each syntax is structurally different to the other two it would be difficult for a single language formater to support all three.

I believe that Snowman's syntax comes the closest to any of in-built formaters/languages supported by the Code snippet dialog, which would be either PHP or HTML.