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Right where my (either:) macro is, I get an error saying (unexpected identifier). I was wondering if anyone knew why?


You decide to rush in, attacking the shadowy wall between you and the bell tower head on! The beasts react accordingly, swooping in to meet you(either: "Despite your best efforts, they will not let you through, and eventually, the ones from behind start attacking as well. It's more than you can take, and you are knocked to the ground several times, until you are unable to get back up."

[[Continue|Chapter 1]],

"Although the opponents are fierce, you manage to quickly defeat enough of them that you may dash through the defense before the bats have enough time to fill the empty space. 

[[Run towards the bell tower]]")


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You have a misplaced "

This bit:

until you are unable to get back up."

[[Continue|Chapter 1]],


Ought to be:

until you are unable to get back up.

[[Continue|Chapter 1]]",


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Thanks! Simple mistake, lel!