Is it in any way possible to have a "Share" button that gives an in-game reward AFTER sharing the game on social media?

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asked May 16 by SmuJamesB (2,650 points)
What I want is a "Share" button (anywhere, not necessarily in the StoryShare passage) that, when clicked, will give the player an in-game reward such as some coins. However, it is important that they recieve the reward after sharing, so that they cannot just click the button and then close the tab. Is there a way to do this?

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answered May 16 by Chapel (51,430 points)
edited May 16 by Chapel
commented May 17 by SmuJamesB (2,650 points)
Games like Subway Surfers have this feature...
commented May 17 by Chapel (51,430 points)
It's definitely not impossible. But it's probably best not to shit on the floor of someone else's house, you know?

Regardless, I don't know enough to help anyway, and I'm not inclined to learn, since I think it's a bad idea. Someone else may be willing to help out though.
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