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I'm including in my story links to a Codex, which is its own separate set of passages with their own internal logic, but when you see a [[Unicorn]] you'll likely want to go directly to the Codex page on [[Unicorns]]. This means that scattered throughout my story passages, depending on how information-dense they are there may be none-to-several extraneous links crossing my grid to the Codex' section per passage.

This is undesirable as it is naturally going to result in the flow getting very tangled and hard to read the more I add.

I recall seeing someone making links that didn't show by accident, but I don't know what the best practice would be for doing it deliberately, and it's proving hard to search for.

Question summarized: How do you make specific links not show as connecting on the map?

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The usual link is like this, and makes an arrow: 

[[Text text text->Passage Name]]

Try this instead:

(link-goto: "Text text text", "Passage Name")

Works exactly the same but no arrows.

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Thanks! Exactly what I needed. Tragically not mentioned in the Harlowe manual hosted on neocities that I've been using.