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So I want the player to have about 5 seconds to read a text before it redirects the player automatically to the next passage....

(if: time > 5s)[(go-to:$EnemyDead)]

But t doesn't seem to work. Am I using it wrong?

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Different people read at different rates which is why it is generally not a good idea to automatically move to another Passage based on a set time, because the player may still be reading the message.

You can use the (live:) macro to delay an action like so.

(live: 5s)[(go-to: $EnemyDead)]

... in this particular case you don't need to use a (stop:) macro to stop the timer event (created by the (live:) macro) from firing more than once.

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Well, it was just one example of how I wanna use redirect, regardless I'd like to get it to work! I'll figure out playability of it later :)

"live" indeed does the trick. Thanks!
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