How would I make a widget to change the "width" of my css-styled progressbar based on a story variable?

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asked Jun 4 by twinedude (220 points)

Hello there,

I want to have several progress-bars for stats like "energy" ect. in my storycaption. I've managed to make them look halfway decent with css, but I have no clue about how to get them to change easily without just straight up replacing the entire text. Right now I have this kind of progress-bar in my storycaption :

<div class="progress-bar orange stripes shine glow" id="energy">\
	<span style="width: 40%"></span>\

I'm looking for a way to make a widget that would change that 40% in there to something else, based on the variable $ for example.

Let's say my player can have a total of 5 energy. I have no problem changing $ with the help of a widget, but I'm looking to also update the 40% in the <div> up there to a new value(based on max energy, so x out of 5) at the same time.

Hope I'm making sense here.

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answered Jun 5 by greyelf (88,790 points)
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You could use @ HTML Attribute Directive to make your progress meter use the associated variable as part of the calculation of the related span element's width.

<div class="progress-bar orange stripes shine glow" id="energy">\
	<span @style="'width: ' + (($ / 5) * 100) + '%'"></span>\

... then you could use information gained from this answer by TheMadExile to refresh the whole of the StoryCaption area.

<<link "Increase Player Energy by 2">>
	<<set $ to Math.clamp($ + 2, 1, 5)>>
	<<replace "#story-caption">><<include "StoryCaption">><</replace>>

... or a modified version of the above to only refresh the Energy progress meter.

<<link "Increase Player Energy by 2">>
	<<set $ to Math.clamp($ + 2, 1, 5)>>
	<<replace "#energy">><span @style="'width: ' + (($ / 5) * 100) + '%'"></span><</replace>>

Both the first of my examples and the bodies of both my <<link>> macro calls could be embedded within widgets.

commented Jun 5 by twinedude (220 points)
Thank you very much for answering.

Tried the html attribute directive before, but apparently in entirely the wrong place. This works like a charm, thank you very much!
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