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I like the way the test menu looks in the downloaded version of twine 2 sugarcube.

is there any way I can export my game to look like this and not open In a browser?

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The downloadable release of Twine 2 runs in a browser shell called NW.js. You can use this shell to create an executable version of pretty much anything built on web technologies, including your own Twine game. 

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This answers the "not open In a browser" part of the original question but I'm not sure about the "the way the test menu looks" part, for that matter I must admit I don't understand the "the way the test menu looks" part of the original question.
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I assume they meant the size and position of the window, which is controllable and easily configurable in NW.js, but I'm not really sure, honestly.
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Not that this needs someone else giving their two cents, but here are mine.  :)

I'm going to agree with Chapel here.  I took "to look like this and not open In a browser" to mean something like "to open in its own window, rather than in the browser".  That makes the most sense to me, though we could all be tilting at windmills here.

Hopefully, the OP will clarify.