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Hey there, I'm back ! 
I've asked for help a while ago and got great help from Chapel, yet I didn't have enough time so far to continue trying out stuff with SugarCube. 
Well, I've managed to do something, and obviously I'm having some issues I can't understand. 

So here's the thing, I've done a widget "chat" which manages to simulate a conversation. I enter 2 names (<<chat 'Roméo' 'Juliette'>> then enter who speaks first, what they say, then when I want the other one to talk I enter his name and do the same. (<<chat 'Roméo' 'Juliette' 'Roméo' 'You re amazing, Juliette' 'Juliette' 'Oh, thanks Roméo...' >>
Like this ! 

And this part has been working wonderfuly. 

But here's where I am having trouble with : I can't manage to print out "name is writing" and erase/replace it when the sentence is printed. 

Here's what I've tried : 


<<widget 'chat'>>
<<set _name to $args.shift()>>
<<set _name2 to $args.shift()>> 
<<set _nameActuel to _name>>
<<set _i to 0>>

<<repeat 2s>>

<<if $args[_i] eq _name>>
<<set _nameActuel to _name>> 
<<set _i++>>

<<elseif $args[_i] eq _name2>> 
<<set _nameActuel to _name2>>
<<set _i++>>


<<set _message to $args[_i]>> 

@@#typing; _nameActuel is writing.@@ <br/> 
<<timed 1s>> 
''_nameActuel'' : <<if _nameActuel eq 'Joris'>>@@color:red; _message @@ <<else>> _message <</if>> <br/>   

<<remove '#typing'>>

<<set _i++>>



This "almost" works, but I get the error "Error: <<remove>>: no elements matched the selector "#typing" ", 

Although the <<remove>> is obviously doing its job ? And I have no idea how to include <<br/>> in the @@#typing;@@ thing, it makes me an error as well ? 

Hopefuly I've been clear enough... I'm sorry if I wasn't, please let me know !

And thanks a lot for your help !


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I believe that the <<remove>> should be inside the <<timed>>, otherwise it would execute immediately, removing the #typing text before the player had a chance to see it.  Changing that will also resolve the reason you're seeing the error message, which is because you're attempting to remove the #typing element before it's on the page.

For example:

@@#typing;_nameActuel is writing.@@<br/> 
<<timed 1s>>
<<remove '#typing'>>
\''_nameActuel'' : <<if _nameActuel eq 'Joris'>>@@color:red;_message@@<<else>>_message<</if>><br/>   


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Indeed that was it !
Thanks a lot !