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Hello everyone, this question may have been answered somewhere, but do to how general the words are to ask my question, i haven't been able to find a topic on the specific situation.

I am using harlowe 2.1.0.
currently I am having an issue with spacing showing that something has been typed, even if it isn't visible when playing the game. specifically no matter what is typed on another bullet when creating a passage, it will show some amount of spacing when playing, even if this is a comment done as <!-- -->.

for example say we have a passage named Intro.

in it I have written: (the bullets i am using are just the natural bullets shown in the passage)

  • test
  • test2
this displays test on one line, and test 2 on the next
if i do
  • test
  • <!-- -->
  • test2
on the user end test and test2 will be spaced out more. this causes me problems as i try to type some macros inside a passage, it adds a lot of unnecessary spacing visible by the user.  for example when i wish to type a lot of (click:) macros.

I can circumvent this by making sure a new bullet isnt created and writing everything on one line, but this is bothersome to read on the development side. Is there another way I could fix this?

Thank you for your time.

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See the Harlowe documentation about collapsing whitespace and escaping line breaks.

Also a little bit of trivia: those "bullets" are the editor's "line numbers".  The people who wrote Twine decided that they didn't need line numbers but that it would be nice to have some sort of marker so you could tell if a line was an actual line created by the user or just text wrapping around because it hit the edge of the box.  If you type a long line you'll see that (so you've probably already noticed it...).

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The people who wrote Twine decided that they didn't need line numbers...

The styling and syntax highlighting used by the Passage Editor is controlled and implemented by each Story Format Developer, so the "bullets" effect being shown is a feature of Harlowe and not the Twine 2.x application itself.