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It's been quite a while since I had a question, I have been pausing, too... Now I am trying to continue what i was working on and I ran into another problem and I hope someone may know the answer.

I am trying to collect coins... The StoryInit has this in it as a starting point:

<<set $coin to "0">>

... now in further passages, I am making my character find coins or earn them ... therefore it tried this:

<<set $coin += 1>> 

The problem is that it makes the print out of the variable be 01 and then in later passages 011 and so on...

But I want it to really count like 1 and in the later passage 2 and then 3 and so on, anyone knows what I am missing here?

Thank you in advance...


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The problem is that:

<<set $coin to "0">>

sets $coin to a string with the character "0" in it.  You want to set $coin to a number instead do this:

<<set $coin to 0>>

With the quote marks around the zero it becomes a string, instead of a number.  That's why when you added other things to it, it assumed you wanted to concatenate strings, instead of add numbers.

Also, if you want, you can replace:

<<set $coin += 1>> 


<<set $coin++>> 


<<set ++$coin>> 

both of which will add 1 to $coin (see here for details on ++ and an explanation of the difference between the two).

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Hello HiEv,

thank you so much, it was the ++ command that did exactly what I was hoping for. :)

Thanks a lot. Somehow strange but the ++ is nowhere mentioned where I looked at. Glad this place is there to ask questions and find people that know the program a lot better. :)

Thank you also to everyone else <3


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Putting quotes around the 0 tells sugarcube that you want the value to be a string.  So when you add 1 to it, the 1 gets converted to a string: you're adding "0" and "1" to get "01", then "01" and "1" to get "011".  If you want it to be a number, use

<<set $coin to 0>>


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Your problem is that you're initializing $coin as a string, rather than a number.  Try the following instead:

<<set $coin to 0>>


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