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Twine 2 do an error message when I run it on Windows XP SP3.

The error message is about ReleaseSRWLockExclusive and KERNEL32.dll

I have installed the 32bits version for sure and my OS is in 32bits.


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Hey Sheb,

You might get a better response if you open a bug instead of posting here.

I think this forum is more for getting help with coding Twine.

Good luck,


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@Charlie is correct that the Twine 2 Project repository is the correct place to let the developers know about an issue like this one.

The install-able release of the Twine 2 application is built using a framework named nwjs (as well a number of other third-party libraries) and they are what handle all the interactions between the application and the operating system.
It is this combination of framework and libraries, or more precisely components like Chromium, that controls which versions of the relevant operating systems are supported.
I am unsure exactly which version of nwjs or node the Twine 2 developers are using to build the application, so I cant tell exactly which version of components like Chromium are being used.

Based on the documentation of the ReleaseSRWLockExclusive function referenced in your error message that particular 32bit function is only supported by Vista or later versions of Windows, which could be why you are getting that error.
So unless the developers of the relevant components/libraries have taken care to include code that knows how to degrade to handle earlier versions of operating systems then Windows XP isn't actually a supported version of Windows.