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How do I resize image displays, and especially animated GIF image displays, in Sugarcube? I can actually resize static images easily enough in any of a dozen different programs, but GIFs are a real pain ... so if I can just change the size at which they display so they're not too bloody small to be seen or too bloody big to fit on the screen, that'd be a huge help.



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You can just use the standard HTML/CSS methods for setting the size of the image.

<img src="image.gif" width="300px"> = 300 pixels wide
<img src="image.gif" width="50%"> = 50% of the width of the image's container
<img src="image.gif" width="50vw"> = 50% of the viewport width

If that isn't what you were looking for, please explain in more detail.

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That was actually exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!  laugh