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I'm using twine2/Sugarcube 2.21.

I have probably a dumb issue once again. Using Sugarcube documentation I've created some widget.

Unfortunately, they aren't working right now. The error I get is that "macro does not exist".

Here is a how I created my widget: I've created a passage named Widgets.

Here is one of the widgets in question :

<<widget "tfCheckEvent">>
<<set $TFTotal to 0>>
<<set $TFTotal= ($brianTF + $jenTF + $fatherTF)>>
<<if $TFTotal gte 1>>
<<goto [[Diner TF Events]]>>

And here is how I've declared it in the passage where I wanna use it.


Thanks in advance for helping me.

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Did you tag your widget passage with widget?

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No, I didn't. Is that needed?
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Yes. See the warning in the <<widget>> documentation.

I also tend to add the "nobr" tag to my widget passages so I don't end up with a bunch of blank lines where the code is.  If you want to force a linebreak in a "nobr" tagged passage, just use the HTML <br> element.

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Hey ! Thanks a  lot for the answers. Everything is working fine now.