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When I test my story, this pops up:


Sorry to interrupt, but this story's code has got itself in a mess.


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You should probably post your code so that people can see what the cause of that error message is.
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Please use the question tags to specify which Twine application (version and release) and which Story Format (name and full version number) you are using, as answers can vary based on this information.

At what point while you are testing your story does that error message show?

eg. As soon as you use the Test option; After visiting a particular Passage; At some other point in the testing process...

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Sorry, new here so how would I use the question tags?

It's Twine 1.4.2 (running on Darwin 16.7.0)

Sugarcane format (where do I find the version number?)

When I click build->test play, it opens up a tab in Safari, then that message pops up.

What code should I provide for you?

This one?: 



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You shouldn't use Sugarcane (or the other default Twine 1 formats). It hasn't been maintained in years, and no one is working on it anymore. It will not work on Safari anymore, and its days of working on other browsers are numbered. The Internet is a much different place these days, and old technologies are being phased out of the web.

If you want to use Twine 1, you need to download SugarCube 2. If you don't want to use SugarCube, you need to use Twine 2.

Fortunately, SugarCube 2 supports much of the same syntax as the default Twine 1 formats, so you should be able to upgrade fairly easily, only altering certain things, like CSS and JavaScript, to match SugarCube's HTML structure and APIs. Passage code itself should port over pretty nicely.

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