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So i have the same issue this user had http://twinery.org/forum/discussion/4946/how-do-i-get-around-return-and-back-getting-me-into-a-loop.

I've put the javascript in its place, it doesn't show up any js errors when i try the game out so i guess it's working fine (it's under two other js), but when i try to do any of the ways they say in the thread, it always creates another passage.

I already tagged every passage that's not meant to be returned to with "noreturn" tag.

All the ways i tried:

<<return>> - works like vanilla
<<$return>> - simply doesn't work
<<return|$return>> - works like vanilla
[[return]] - creates new passage
[[$return]] - creates new passage
[[return|$return]] - creates new passage

None of these work.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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The following link markup from the example you linked does work:


The problem you're having is that Twine 2's automatic passage creation "feature" is a bit brain-dead and will create a passage named $return, which screws things up.  Simply deleting the spurious passage fixes the problem.

Alternatively.  You may use the separate argument version of the <<link>> macro to avoid automatic passage creation.  For example:

<<link "Return" $return>><</link>>

Twine 2 won't recognize that as a link, thus won't create a $return passage.

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Wow, so weird that it behaved like that, i wasn't expecting the answer would be so simple yet so unorthodox.

The first example you gave me, about deleting the passage worked great! Thanks a whole lot!