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The front menu has a login button - but not a register button.  The login process doens't seem to offer a branch to the registration process.  The only way to gets there appears to be to get pinged for trying to do something while not logged in and then to hit the register link.

Considering theat registering is something all new users will have to do, making it hard seems like a disincentive.
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Perhaps we're seeing different versions of the site, however, the login tab/fly-out on the front page includes a Register button—right below the Login button.  IME, that's a fairly common setup for a front page login widget—I'm not making a judgement as to whether that's good or bad, just noting that it's not an unusual setup.


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Ah. You have to click login to see it.  Guess I missed it on my first look (firefox on windows 7).