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1.I know how to create bars(to show character stats but i don't know how to put information into the bar

2.How to write my creator information into the game?(In the bar i mean

3.How to remember choices that players made and put it in use later?

4.How to set background image?

5.How to put limit for the character stats?(For example HP can't be over 100)

6.My story has 3 antagonist to choose and although they have different storylines some of their actions(which are also choices) are the same,and whenever that happen Twin automatically join them into one.Should i be worried about that?

7.I want to have a clock(numbers only) in the game.Also i really want to know if there's a way to set time for a choices.For example working at the bar lasts 5 hours.

I use the latest sugarcube.Please help.Thanks in advance

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Hey buddy!  It might be best to break these up into individual questions in the future.

1.  Please post your code so we can see how your bars work.  Then we can help you.

2.  To put any information into the side bar on the left (with the save/load buttons), create a passage called StoryCaption.  Anything you put in that passage will display in the side bar.

3.  To remember a choice, create a $variable.  In the following example, the game remembers a player's favourite colour by setting $favouriteColour in a passage called Question.  It remembers it in the passage called Answer:

:: Question

"What is your favourite colour?" he cackles.

[[Red|Answer][$favouriteColour to "red"]]
[[Blue|Answer][$favouriteColour to "blue"]]

:: Answer

<<if $favouriteColour == "red">>
  "Red," you cry defiantly.
  <<elseif $favouriteColour == "blue">>
  "Blue," you cry defiantly.

4.  Whereabouts do you want the background image?

5.  You could use math.clamp.  Please show us your code for the stats for a tailored answer.

6.  We need to see the existing code for the 3 antagonists to help you.

7.  This thread gives instructions on setting up a game clock.  Again, to help you with specific things in your game we'd need to see the code.