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Hello there; 

Is it possible to activate a widget within a link to another passage ?

I tried something like 

Contact [[$sName|Events Sister][$Energyloss to 50][<<Event>>]]

But it's not working. 

Same, I can't seem to be able to add 2 setters within a single link ? I tried to do 

Contact [[$sName|Events Sister][$Energyloss to 50][$CEvent to $CEvent + 1] ]

And I couldn't have it working either. Is there a way around ? 


Thanks a lot. (By the way, I'm still needing help on my Energy Bar post, if anyone could help... :( )

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You can use the link macro to make complex links.

<<link "link text" "target">>

Any code you put inside the <<link>> will run.

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Thanks a lot !
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Using <<link>> like this breaks arrows between passages. But! This macro also supports <<link [[link text|target]]>> format.