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I am trying to make it so that when the player clicks look at the clock and when they go back, the option isn't there. I am attempting to do this using the variable $SeenClock, but it isn't working.

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As I explained in your previous question about this:

1. You need to initialise the $SeenClock story variable at the start of your story, and you do that within a startup tagged special passage.

Add a new Passage to your project, I name mine Startup but you can name it whatever you like because the name isn't important. Assign this new passage a startup Passage Tag, and then copy the following into that passage's body.

(set: $SeenClock to false)

2. In the passage you want to conditionally see the link in add the following code, it first checks the current value of the $SeenClock story variable and if it's equal to false then it will show the link to the Look at the clock passage.

(if: not $SeenClock)[
  [[Look at the clock]]

3. Create a new Passage named Look at the clock and place the following code in it, you will also want to add some text decribing the character looking at the clock.

(set: $SeenClock to true)


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Outide the clock:

(set: $SeenClock to false)
You wake up, opening your eyes tiredly. You can't see anybody in your room.
(if: not $SeenClock)[
[[Look at the clock]]]
[[Look at: Closet]]
[[Walk to: Door]]

Inside the clock:

(set: $SeenClock to true)


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