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I would like to know, for the 'Save' in the menu, not the 'Save to Disk' option. I look in AppData/Local/*MyStory folder*, since I had build it with NW.js, but no trace of the saves files. I want to enable Steam Cloud, so where are the .save?

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The slot saves are stored in the browser's Web Storage, not as separate files on disk.  This is true even when bundling the compiled project into either the NW.js or Electron shells.
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edit: It seems TME beat me again. *smile*

When using a standard web-browser the saves create via the (default) eight  'Save' buttons on the Saves dialog are persisted (by default) within that web-browser's Local Storage cache.

In the case of a NW.js based application this is within the Local Storage cache of the custom Chromium based web-browser that comes embedded within the generated application, and the physical location of that cache can depend on the dataPath property of your generated application (as well as the end-user's operating system).

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Yes. I *just* figure it out now. I guess I could ask the user to save manually (with 'Save to Disk') to a special folder, so the Steam Cloud could preserve those .save files.
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