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Using Harlowe 2

So my code looks something like:

(set: $a1 to (either: "option 1", "option 2", "option 3"))
(set: $a2 to (if: $a1 is "option 1" (either: "option 1.1", "option 2.2", "option 3.3"))(if: $a1 is "option 2" (either: "option 4.4", "option 5.5", "option 1.1"))(if: $a1 is "option 3" (either: "option 6.6", "option 2.2", "option 4.4")))

I am trying to make the second variable recognize a string variable and choose a random string from the list to set it as. Am I making sense? I've tried looking at the dm macro, datamapping I think it's called, but I don't entirely understand what I'm reading so I don't know how to use it and apply it to the situation I'm facing.

Thank you in advance!

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The simplest method you can use to assign your $a2 story variable a random value based on the current value of your $a1 story variable is to is use an (if:) macro and (else-if:) macro structure like the following...

(set: $a1 to (either: "option 1", "option 2", "option 3"))
(if: $a1 is "option 1")[
	(set: $a2 to (either: "option 1.1", "option 2.2", "option 3.3"))
(else-if: $a1 is "option 2")[
	(set: $a2 to (either: "option 4.4", "option 5.5", "option 1.1"))
(else-if: $a1 is "option 3")[
	(set: $a2 to (either: "option 6.6", "option 2.2", "option 4.4"))
A1: $a1
A2: $a2

However if you really want to use a more resource & memory intensive meta-data driven method that involves a Data-map (the (dm:) macro) and some Arrays (the (a:) macro) you could do something like the following..

(set: $a1 to (either: "option 1", "option 2", "option 3"))
(set: _options to (dm:
	"option 1", (a: "option 1.1", "option 2.2", "option 3.3"),
	"option 2", (a: "option 4.4", "option 5.5", "option 1.1"),
	"option 3", (a: "option 6.6", "option 2.2", "option 4.4")
(set: $a2 to (either: ...(_options's ($a1))))


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I ended up using the data-map and array combo and it works perfectly! I never realized how useful both features could be, mostly because I didn't understand how to use them. This has been so helpful, thank you very much.
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