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Sorry if this has been asked before, but is it possible to make Twine 2 display smart code (different macros highlighted different colors) like Twine 1 does?

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I believe you are asking about Syntax Highlighting.

The Twine 2 application requires each story format to implement it's own version of this feature, and so far only the two Harlowe story formats have done so and you are not able to configure the colours it uses.

So if you are using Harlowe then the answer is "Yes" and if you are using a different story format then the answer is "No".

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Oh, darn. I'm using SugarCube. It really seems like Twine 1 is looking like a better option than Twine 2; is there any way to back-convert a story into Twine 1?
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>  any way to back-convert a story into Twine 1?

If the Twine 2.x project is SugarCube based then you can do the following:

1. Convert your project into a TWEE file.

This can be done by using either: one of the third-party story formats like Entweedle or Illume; or by using the TweeGo utility's decompile option.

2. Create a new Twine 1.x project from the TWEE file.

This is done using the 1.x application's File > Import > Twee Source Code menu items.

Twine 1.x doesn't come with SugarCube so you will need to download it from the SugarCube 2.x website and install it.
The (vanilla) story formats that come with Twine 1.x are no longer fully compatible with modern web-browsers and should not be used to create a new project.