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when use a click macro using this code

<<click bag>> <<script> <<[[bag]]>> <</script>> <</click>> the <<[[bag]]>> is for the shortform of the display macro. when i click on it the passage text does not appear which is "you pickup the old worn bag
<<set $bag = true>>"

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There are a couple of issues with your example.
1. As previously explained, the <<click>> macro has been deprecated and should be replaced with one of the <<link>> related macros.

2. The String argmument being passed to your <<click>> macro should be wrapped in either single or double quote characters.
eg. (note: the following example assumes the <<click>> is replaced with a <<link>>)

<<link "bag">> ... <</link>>

3. [optional] I suggest using the String based argument version of the <<include>> macro instead of the Markup based Link based argument version. It saves the engine the effort needed to extract the Passage Name from the Markup based Link.

<<include "bag">>

The second set of examples you supplied @Sage should work as you require, as shown by the following TWEE Notation based example. (which is a slightly modified version of your 2nd set).

:: StoryInit
<<set $bag = false>>

:: Start
<<linkreplace "bag">>
	\<<include "bag">>
	/* The following line is for testing purposes only, it and this comment can be safely deleted. */
	\<<replace "#outcome">>bag: $bag<</replace>>

/* The following line is for testing purposes only, it and this comment can be safely deleted. */
@@#outcome;bag: $bag@@

:: bag
<<set $bag = true>>\
you pickup the old worn bag.


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You have a couple of options. Link, as click is on its way out, or the one I like for this LinkReplace.


DEPRECATED: This macro has been deprecated and should no longer be used. See the <<link>> macro for its replacement.

Check it out: 


<<if $bag is false>>
    On the ground you see a key.
    <<linkreplace "Pick up the bag">><<set $bag to true>>You have a bag.<</linkreplace>>
    There is nothing here.


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what i am now trying to use link replace for does not seem to work.

<<linkreplace "bag">><<include [[bag]]>><</linkreplace>>

which points to the passage [[bag]]. this is what passage [[bag]] looks like,

you pickup the old worn bag
<<set $bag to true>>

it shows the text but does not run the code inside the passage. then i tried running the code inside of link replace such as this

<<linkreplace "bag">><<set $bag to true>> you picked up the bag<</linkreplace>>

the varible is set to [] in the story init as shown

<<set $Bag= []>>

the varible bag is used as if statment to show if a link is show in the StoryMenu

<<if $bag is true>>[[Inventory]]<<else>><<endif>>

when i set it outside of the linkreplace the code works.

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