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Hey there !

I'm using Chapel's <<message>> macro 


// message macro, by chapel (with help from T.M. Edwards); for sugarcube 2
// version 1.0.0
// see the documentation: https://github.com/ChapelR/custom-macros-for-sugarcube-2#message-macro

//intialize namespace
setup.messageMacro = {};

// default text option:
setup.messageMacro.default = 'Help';

// <<message>> macro
Macro.add('message', {
    tags    : null,
    handler : function () {
        var message  = this.payload[0].contents;
        var $wrapper = $(document.createElement('span'));
        var $link    = $(document.createElement(this.args.includes('btn') ? 'button' : 'a'));
        var $content = $(document.createElement('span'));

            .wiki(this.args.length > 0 && this.args[0] !== 'btn' ? this.args[0] : setup.messageMacro.default)
            .ariaClick(function () {
                if ($wrapper.hasClass('open')) {
                        .css('display', 'none')
                else {
                        .css('display', 'block')


            .attr('id', 'macro-' + this.name + '-' + this.args.join('').replace(/[^A-Za-z0-9]/g, ''))


Which works perfectly well.  "This macro displays a link or, optionally, a button. The link or button can be clicked to display a message immediately below it in the passage text, and clicked again to collapse the message."

I have, however, an issue with it. I'm using that macro in my StoryCapion passage. Which means the macro loads again and again. 
Whenever I change passage within the story, the unfolded text re-folds itself within the link, and the player has to click the link again to display it. Would there be a way to solve this ? I was thinking of adding a boolean variable, something like <<set $opened to true>> whenever it would be opened, and <<set $opened to false>> whenever it would be closed, and it wouldn't close whenever $opened is true. 
But I have no idea how to include that within the javascript part of the code...

Thanks a lot ! 

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Just off the top of my head, what if you put an <<if>> (to see if it is in the state you want) in the PassageHeader? That way it would render first and see if the need has been met?
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Hey there, I'm not sure to understand what you mean?
The <<message>> macro is used within StoryCaption, how can I interact with it in PassageHeader ?

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Right. Exactly. I am saying to ask a question in the PassageHeader and then based on that response set a variable to show or not show your item in the StoryCaption. In my current game I ask if a character has a book. If they do, then trip a display in the Caption. And if they do not then do not.

Does that make sense?
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Oh alright, I see what you want to do. I could do that for an item, yes. But that doesn't solve my <<message>> macro issue, does it ? If so, I don't see how it could... :(