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I'm working on making a basic story format mostly for kicks, sort of in between Harlowe and Snowman in terms of complexity. After reading some of the Snowman source scripts, I think I have a good grasp on how Twine and Snowman work and what I need to do with my own format to get it functioning (despite rarely using javascript and node so I have to learn that to understand what I do and don't need)...but...I can't find the...compiled?...story formats anywhere. I've looked in the Twine folders and in appdata/roaming and appdata/local. Help please? I'm not very good at reverse-engineering.

If you have any other information on story formats or how Twine functions, however minimal it may be, I'd appreciate that as well. Thank you!

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The storage location of the story formats that come included with the Twine 2 application depends on which release (Web-browser based or Desktop) of the application you are using.

The Web-browser based release stores them in a folder named story-formats which is a child of the folder in which the application's index.html file is located.
**note**: If you are using the **hosted** copy of this release then that story-formats folder is located on the web-server, if you are using the copy of this release that can be downloaded & run locally then that story-formats folder is located on your hard-drive.

The Desktop release is a NWJS application which stores all it's resorces (like the story formats) internally. When the application is run these resources are (temporarly?) unpackaged to a location based on your Operating System's setup.


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You might want to take a look at how SugarCube does it using build.js, as described at the site where its source is located.  You can also download and look at the "compiled" versions of SugarCube here.