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With a little search and sense, I managed to get most of what I was trying to do. That is, some of my images may be a little big to display so I wanted to toggle them via a button. I've got that part down pretty good, I think with the help of the search function.


.hidden {

<<widget "imagetoggle">><<nobr>>
<<set $dayimage to $args[0]>> <<set $nightimage to $args[1]>>
<<button "Toggle Image">><<toggleclass "#i" "hidden">><</button>>
<div id="i" class="hidden">
<<if $night>>
	<<print '<img src="' + $nightimage + '">'>>
	<<print '<img src="' + $dayimage + '">'>>

<<imagetoggle img/Home/Room_Day.jpg img/Home/Room_Night.jpg>>

But I'm having trouble doing it in reverse. I was thinking I could have it be an option to have images displayed by default or not. So, if $default ... display: block; ?

A little lost where to go from here.

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