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Hi, I've finished putting together a UI that I'm happy with. But, with testing, I've discovered some strange behavior when viewing it via (simulated) mobile. I've just done this via the chrome dev tools stuff, but I'm not sure if its behavior is something to do with the underlying sugarcube code, or what might happen with actual mobiles.

I don't have one, so I can't test it out. But, before I move on to writing, I'd really like to make sure it's as I imagine it to be for people playing with cell phones and such.

There's not much to do right now, since it's only a framework. But, I intend to use it, since I think I've finished with all that I'd like from it.

I just need to see if it works at lower resolutions.

So, file: https://a.uguu.se/1ZnNyRBTHQlt_Test01.7z

There's not much to do, I know. But, what I'd like people to test is the stuff in the settings. Here's some simulated pics I took that demonstrate the problem I'm investigating:



So, the first pic is just on a (simulated) iPhone 5. It's how it is by default. You go into Settings, and you're able to change the width of the passage. Go ahead and do that, and make it maybe 40 em. If you do this on a phone, could you tell me what the result is? Because that's where the second pic comes in.

What the simulate phone told me was that when the width is expanded so that contents are spilled off screen (making the phone enable a horizontal scroll bar to navigate that), sugarcube is also extending the height as well. Meaning, there's a big empty space that the user can scroll down to play with. But, that's not by design at all. I'm curious to check if this is a bug with sugarcube, or something to do with the simulated phone (dev tools), or if it's actually by design. I fail to see what it would be by design though.

So, could someone tell me how it is with an actual phone?

Also, if anyone wants to comment on the usability of this design, go ahead. I like it. It's much much much better than the default look that comes with sugarcube-2. And, I think it works for lower resolutions too, but that's where testing comes in. Oh, and it's a design choice to have the sidebar half-cut off when stowed. It's not that I couldn't properly hide it. It's just that I'd like to have information displayed when with it's stowed. So, that's why.

So, anyone with a phone... tell me if there's big empty space at the bottom with you make the passage bigger? I'd really be grateful.

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Looks like the file has expired.
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Yeah, sorry, the file had a 24 hour expiry date.

But, I've since learned that what I was seeing was the fault of the simulated environment. I tested it with firefox's dev tools, and things worked as expected. So, I think I've now got a working UI for my story. Now all that remains is to start on the writing. Wish me luck!