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Sigh, this one's a doozy.

I have a MASSIVE project I'm working on, so far this have been great :)

But now I'm getting worried about space, because I'm already at 95% and I know that I'm only 2% done with the project. So, trying to be safe rather than sorry, I'm breaking the project into 2 or 3 pieces. I'm not worrying about stats because they will already be at a specific point during the change (no matter what the player will be at level 10 ect.) There will be 4 endings. "Lite" "Darc" "True" and "Genocide" that comes after "True." And here's where the issue starts.

I'm am using (save-game: "name") and (load-game: "name) throughout the game. At the very begining the player can load his save. But what if his save is in another route(project). Things would break right? What do I do to fix this and have the system be as non-disruptive as possible?

(Bonus question, is there a way for a player to start off in a project at another passage other than the starting one?)

And yes, I have no choice to use the online verson of twine due to being on a chromebook.


EDIT: I didn't find an answer but I found a work around. There will be a save that when loaded it will send you to a passage that'll automatically sends you to the other project. Once in that project, another save will automatically be loaded.

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What I ended up going with:


Have a passage that automatically saves and then goes to another project and then automatically loads a save in that project.


If you have a better solution please let me know :)