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Hello people!

SugarCube 2.21 (as you know from the title).

To be brief, I tried the example given in the SugarCube documentation and there was no difference between having the t8n and not having it. But it seems that opening a bug is for Twine itself: would this be included?

Thank you!

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Transition for <<replace>> has only been introduced in version 2.25.0 - try downloading the newest version of sugarcube.
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Hmm. The documentation says to:

  1. Click on the Formats link in the Twine 2 sidebar.
  2. In the dialog that opens, click on the Add a New Format tab.

But there is no such tab. It looks exactly the same as the online version. Is this because I downloaded the Linux version of Twine 2?

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I found it! I got the impression it was referring to Change Story Format in the editor. I don't often notice anything in the story list sidebar unless I am using that specific thing.

Thank you for answering my question!