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Hello again,

you all are always very helpful with us newbies and I want to thank you for it first before asking my next question... :D


I seek for a way to change the haircolor up on certain events ... like for instance I write a passage where the player dyes their hair and while doing it the hair color from the players haircolor stats suppose to change to the new hair color... I do have an stats passage where all those user inputs the player does before beginning the game, actually has all those stats listed. I suppose I can change it by accessing those somehow from another passage... just I lack the complete idea how so...

Additionally, I like to include a way for the player to save a game, therefore the game should remember the choices the player made in the beginning like what they put in as their choosen name to be etc... I certainly use the <<remember>> macro for that but would that go in the StoryInit or somewhere else?

Thank you a lot ;)

Mr. Peppermint

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I tried it with

<<if visitedTags("HairSalon")>><<set $HairColor to "Red">><</if>>

it didn't work but i am sure I made a mistake on how I wrote it... if it is possible like that to begin with...

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Okay, i figured it out somewhat.. This is what helped me a lot with the <<if>>

Lastly, this is what worked for my needs:

<<if visited("HairSalon")>><<set $HairColor to "Red">><</if>>

Eventually, someone else that looks for a solution like that, find it helpful later on ;)

@greyelf: Your sample was for Harlowe, thought I couldn't work with that, but thank you a lot for your help :)


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Mr Peppermint,

I don't think you don't need to use <<remember>> to save games.  <<remember>> causes the game to remember variables across different games, as described here.

I could see that causing big problems, because new games would remember variables set from the previous games – what a mess!

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I like to include a way for the player to save a game

SugarCube comes with a "Save" button in the left side-bar, is there a reason the player can't use that option in your game?