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Hello ;)

today I thought about putting some infos from the user input into the left hand side bar where there is the story title, the save button and the restart button. Of course, the text that is on the style sheet by default, isn't suppose to change. I just want my text additionally on there ...preferably right under the title ... so my wish of order would be Title/Stats/Save and Restart Button :)

I have been looking around for websites that mention it but only find how to change background color or font size which isn't helping me with my wish to add some text into it.

The whole stuff I am putting there suppose to change along with the game progress so I would love to put the macros I am using in the game to track the players hair color stats as the game progresses to show up on the side bar. That way one can always see their stats instead of using a link in the game that leads to the stats...

Thanks in advance ;)

Mr. Peppermint

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Hi Mr Peppermint,

You don't need to use CSS to put text in there. Just make a new passage called StoryCaption, and anything you put in there displays in the sidebar.
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Thank you, I never knew... I wonder how much more tools there are that I got no clue about... hehe ;)


Mr. Peppermint