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Basically, I'm working on a inventory system using Twine SugarCube and I'm wondering if there is a better way to link nearly every passage in the story to the main inventory passage, without need to see hundreds of arrows all pointing to the inventory passage.

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To link to the inventory put the link into the sidebar by using the StoryMenu special passage (a passage named StoryMenu). To link back to the previous passage from the Inventory use previous()

[[Return|previous() ]]

If you have several different menus, look also at the answer from TheMadExile to see abetter way to implement this.

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Currently the Twine 2.x application only creates Passage Connecting Arrows in the Story Map for links that include a Markup based Link, they don't appear for the String argument Macro based Links.

/* The following links will create a connecting arrow. */

[[Link Text is the same as Target Passage Name]]
[[Link Text|Target Passage Name]]
<<link [[Link Text|Target Passage Name]]>>...<</link>>

/* The following will NOT create a connecting arrow. */

<<link "Link Text" "Target Passage Name">>...<</link>>


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Instead of putting links to the inventory passage in every passage, why not just put the link in the StoryMenu, StoryCaption, StoryHeader, or StoryFooter special passages?  That way the user will always have access to the inventory passage, and you don't need to manually include a link in every passage.

Have fun!  :-)