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I share my stories with a dropbox link and, in plenty of ocassions, people have complained to me about just being able to see a lot of coding instead of the story loading.

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Are you using the Publish To File option in the menu in the lower left before sharing your stories?
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Yes, I'm. Please help, been working on this story for over 3 weeks, and now I have this problem I can't seem to solve :( Here's the dropbox link in case it could be useful to check it https://www.dropbox.com/s/9kzfs4wzke6aqrr/TanSoloOtroMonstruo%2812%29.html?dl=0
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dropbox will display the html coding - that's probably what people are confused about. Just have them download this anyway via the top right button and they'll get the proper html file to then play.
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