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So typed is working pretty well in most passages, but there's this weird delay (like 6 seconds before the link starts getting typed) when offering to go to other passages just in this specific passage.

<div class="textbox"><<if $gender is "male">>Voz misteriosa en tu cabeza: <span class="typed-speed35"><span class="Solomon">--"¿Estás seguro?"</span></span>
@@.typed-speed20;[[--¡Claro que estoy seguro! Soy un hombre.->Nombre]]
[[--No, espera un poco.->ojos abiertos 2]]@@
<<else>>Voz misteriosa en tu cabeza: <span class="typed-speed35-delay800"><span class="Solomon">--¿Estás segura?"</span></span>
@@.typed-speed20;[[--¡Claro que estoy segura! soy una mujer.->Nombre]]
[[--No, espera un poco.->ojos abiertos 2]]@@


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The delay seems to only happen when in test mode - if I just use Play it all runs normally.