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For some reason, the old closing statements (endif, endsilently) are the only ones that currently work. I cannot use the <</if>> or <</silently>> type of closing statements. The strange thing is, macros such as <<click>> and <</click>> work fine (among others.) My understanding is the old notation has depreciated, so I find this issue odd. I I'm starting to think that it's only the native macros that are not working properly, not the Sugarcube ones, if that context helps. Thanks in advance.

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Please give the full version number of both Twine and Sugarcube. I'm using sugarcube 2.26.0 and Twine 2.2.1 and can find no problems with the closing statements.
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You probably need to update your version of SugarCube.  You can see what version you're using by bringing up the windows where you select your story format.

You can download the latest version of SugarCube from here (currently v2.28.2).

If you need any help installing it, follow the SugarCube installation instructions here.

Enjoy!  :-)