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I want to have potions, a few key items and maybe some equipment. What do you suggest? I'm thinking on using HiEv's inventory system, since his health bar is so cool.

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There isn't one single answer to this question, as it depends on your needs, abilities, and time.

For something super simple, you could probably do it yourself with just a few variables.

For something a little more complex, F2Andy's inventory system may work.

For something that needs a few more features, Chapel's Simple Inventory System is good.

For just about anything else, my Universal Inventory System (UInv) should be able to handle it, though it's not quite up to a full release version yet.

So, I'd say, take a look at the above and see which best suits your needs.

Have fun!  :-)

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Spend the whole night trying to understand yours and I think it will take me at least a month or two to learn the basics enough to start using it, since I'm a total noob at this and I didn't know anything about programing languages 2 months ago. Meanwhile I will have to check if there's an easier one. My abilities = none, but time, I have plenty.
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Based on the need for potions and equipment, I'd recommend HiEv's. My simple inventory is designed for handling key items, that is, items that don't stack or have any complex parts of their own. You could extend it to handle more complicated item types, but that will take more work than using a system already tailored to those uses. F2Andy's system is fine for the most part, and other than being built for v1 of SugarCube primarily, it should still do most of what you need, but I'd generally recommend my simple inventory over that one, though I am obviously biased. At the least, I wouldn't use that code as a basis for building your own stuff since it is outdated and using deprecated stuff.
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Oh, I see, at the end I decided to go for HiEv's anyways, since it looks so versatile and I will probably will want to use it in the future too, so I will take my time to calmly getting to handle it one sleepless at a time. Thank you very much for your advice and everything else.