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I am using Harlowe 2 and created a simple story. It works on my computer but if I want to share the files html, only black creen appears (I uploaded it in dropbox).

I am a language lecturer and not too technical!



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Did you use the Publish to File option to create the Story HTML file you uploaded to DropBox?

Or are you using the install-able release of the Twine 2 application and mistakenly upload a Project HTML file stored in the folder accessed via the Twine > Show Library menu item.

That folder is meant for the application's internal use only and you should never save your own Story HTML files into that folder or you could lose your Project file.

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I did use the Publish to file option. :-(

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Would you be willing to supply a link to the Published story HTML file so that we can debug it for you.
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Was the file saved from dropbox, then the saved file opened in the browser for viewing? (in firefox: Alt -> File -> Open File)

File hosting sites (drop box, google drive, etc) don't want to be used as web servers, so they do not "serve" html files as "web pages" for browsers to view. This can result in a range of behaviour depending on browser and OS. From the user seeing the html and java script source (which when compressed without white space tends to look like gibberish) to a blank page.