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I am writing and testing a gamified training program in Twine for my doctoral dissertation.  I need to track user activity, primarily time spent playing various portions of the game, decisions made, points achieved, etc.  I need to store that data in comma-delimited log files.  Is there something like this already available or do I need to build it from scratch in JS?

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I'm not sure if I fully understand the question, but do you know how to use variables?

(set: $points to 100)

Good look with your dissertation.

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It sounds like you're doing something similar to this recent question from the TwineGames subreddit.  You might want to take a look at that for some suggestions about how to do what you're asking for.

As far as storing what was done in each passage in comma-delimited log files, that's something you'd have to build yourself, using the time() function to tell how long they were in the passage.

Hope that helps!  :-)

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