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I put these and it calculate like this

(pow: 5, 5) become error
(sqrt: 25) become 0

Did I do something wrong?

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This works fine for me. Could you supply the exact code in the passage please?
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(pow: 5, 5)
(sqrt: 25)

I acually put it like these


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That's weird. Are you sure you're in the twine version and story format you think you are, because this genuinely shouldn't happen.
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I'm sure because I use default format which is Harlowe 2.1.0

and it is Harlowe macros
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In that case, I'm sorry because I honestly can't help you. Is there anything you can think of that might be causing these errors?
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  • my computer
  • program

for my computer part, I'm going to test it tomorrow

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As I noted on the Twine Discord, your screenshot shows that you are actually using Harlowe v1, rather than v2.  Change your project's story format to Harlowe v2 and your example code will work.
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