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i am using Twine 1 with sugarcube 2 and want to change a background for only 1 passage but i dont get how i do it. I want to use a backgound the player get in external image file not a random internetlink(like all the other images). I dont understand how i have to do it. Its my first "programming" what i do in my Life so it would be pretty nice if you can help. Step by Step would be perfekt.


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Provided you are using SugarCube and not Sugarcane, getting tag-based styles is the same regardless of the Twine app/compiler you're using. So just add some tag to the passage you want to have a unique bagkground, say `forest`, and enter this in your CSS code:

body.forest {
    background-image: url('some/url/to/image.png');

You may want to add a few extra rules based on your needs, e.g.

body.forest {
    background-image: url('some/url/to/image.png');
    background-attachment: fixed;
    background-size: cover; /* or 'contain', based on your image */
    background-repeat: no-repeat;






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