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Using: Sugarcube2.28.2, Twine 2.2 (I believe)

Now, this is more specific than my question title states; I understand how to delete an item from an array via array.delete("itemhere").

My game has the ability for a player to buy an item more than once. Each time, it places the item in the inventory as a new, separate variable in the array.

As far as I'm aware, using this, will delete all items with the same name. In example...

<<set $items to ["apple", "apple", "orange"]>>

<<run $items.delete("apple")>>

Will delete all items with the name "apple" from the array.

What I want to do is just delete ONE of the "apple"s. But, I won't always know the location of the apple in the array.

Is there a way to get it to remove a singular apple, so one apple still stays in the array?

Thank you for any assistance! I've been looking for an answer for a while now (weeks even, oof), with no luck.

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You can delete a single item by finding the index of the item you want to delete and deleting at the index instead:

<<run $items.deleteAt($items.indexOf("apple"))>>


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FYI, the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) site's JavaScript documentation, such as its Array documentation, may help you find solutions like this in the future.

Hope that helps!  :-)

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