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When defining a new object within an array something seems wrong.



<<set $children = []>>

<<set $mom to {
	name: 'mom',
	hair: 'blonde',
	skin: 'white',
	eyes: 'blue'

<<set $dad to {
	name: 'dad',
	hair: 'brown',
	skin: 'white',
	eyes: 'brown'

In the passage...

<<set _hair to [$mom.hair, $dad.hair]>>
<<set _skin to [$mom.skin, $dad.skin]>>
<<set _eyes to [$mom.eyes, $dad.eyes]>>

<<set $children.push( { 
    hair: _hair.random(), 
    skin: _skin.random(), 
    eyes: _eyes.random() 
} )>>

<<print $children[0].hair>>

<<print $children[1].skin>>

<<print $children[2].eyes>>

The settings are set in StoryInit, but only the first variable works normally, the others do not....


"Brown hair"

"Error: <<print>>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'skin' of undefined"

"Error: <<print>>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property 'eyes' of undefined"

Is it likely that I'm doing something wrong? It seems like a problem to set the final object with all variables. As I'm a beginner this happens a lot.

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Carefully check the indices you're using with $children.  You show that you add a single member to the array, yet you attempt to access the first (index 0), second (index 1), and third (index 2) members.

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Thank you! It was a small detail... I need to improve my vision.
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