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I'm using Tweego v1.3.0, story format Sugarcube v2.28.2. I have an if macro containing quite a few set macros. Tweego doesn't report any errors, but the generated HTML seems to behave like the if macro was empty, or partially empty. It's easy enough to work around just puzzling. Has anyone seen anything like this?

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If you open your web-browser's built-in Web Developer Tools Console are there any JavaScript related errors in the console?

(you will need to google how to open the console of your web-browser, the means can be different for each brand and operating systems)
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That was going to be another question to ask - there's an error about it being unable to load es6-shim.map. Perhaps I should have asked that one first.
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The number and type of macros within the <<if>> is irrelevant.

Tweego does not impose any limitations on the code, or even parse it for that matter.

SugarCube does not impose limitations on the number or type of macros you can have within an <<if>>.

While it's not impossible that an error could be getting swallowed, it's probably unlikely.  Since you didn't report an error, the issue is probably with the <<if>>'s conditional expression.

Additional details, preferably the code in question, would help.

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Thanks for confirming that there are no limits in either Tweego or Sugarcube. I need to double-check what I'm doing, and also simplify to get a test case.
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Thanks for that answer again, it pointed me in the right direction to find my syntactic blunder. I had been assuming that Tweego parsed the code but of course it doesn't. I've learnt more about what is going on with Tweego and Sugarcube through this.
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