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My goal is to create a "maze" of words that the player has to carefully navigate their cursor through.

I acheived this by putting a mouseover function on the words I wanted to trigger a loss and then if the player mouses over those words they will be taken to the game over page. I then entered hard-coded spaces to create the shape I wanted.

This worked on my computer but when testing it on others computer it was impossible to win. For some reason on other computers the cursor couldn't get anywhere near the mouseover words without losing. There was essentially an impenetrable wall.

So I'm seeking alternative methods of accomplishing this. My guess is that the resolution on other computer monitors affects the hitbox of mouseover texts. If my description is confusing I can supply a screenshot of what I'm talking about to perhaps make it a little more clear.


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>  I then entered hard-coded spaces to create the shape I wanted

Using white-space characters (of any kind) to layout a screen is never a good idea, thats why HTML includes things like:
a. (HTML) tables.
b. image maps.
c. CSS based positioning, padding, & margins.
d. CSS based tables (flex box)
e. etc...

We would need to know more about the layout you are trying to create (visual & code examples) before we can provide a solution.
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