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I know how to set up a repeat-link that adds to a variable every time you click it:

(link-repeat: "Click")[(set:$clicks to it + 1)]

And I have implemented cycling links, so that the text in the link changes every time you click it:

(set: $weapon to "Sword")<tw-link class='cyclingLink' data-cycling-texts='["Sword", "Axe", "Harsh language"]' onclick='clickCyclingLink(this, "$weapon");'>&weapon</tw-link>

But how can I combine the two? I tested the following:

(set: $weapon to "Sword")<tw-link class='cyclingLink' data-cycling-texts='["Sword", "Axe", "Harsh language"]' onclick='clickCyclingLink(this, "$weapon");'>(link-repeat: "$weapon")[(set:$clicks to it + 1)]</tw-link>

It doesn't work because 'link-repeat' only operates properly with a string inside the inverted commas, not a variable. I suspect there are other reasons why it doesn't work as well.

I expect you have to add a second command after 'onclick=' but I'm not sure what.

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Please use the Insert Code Snippet option when posting examples - it's the first button on the editor bar.

I believe the main issue is that you have two HTML elements, one a direct child of the other, both trying to handle the same click event.
eg. The HTML representing the (link-repeat:) macro and the parent tw-link element.

As you didn't supply the code for your clickCyclingLink Javascript function I can only assumed based on the code you did supply that you a using a hack to update the contents of the $weapon story variable. Is there a reason you're not passing the $clicks variable to the clickCyclingLink function so that you can uses the same hack to update its value as well?

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Apologies for not using the code snippet tool.

I'm using the Twine 2 cycling link macro from this website. I don't know how to update this so that it handles the $clicks variable as well.

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