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My young son spent days creating a long story on the website twinery.org. Periodically he would save to local disk by using CMD-S on his Mac. This saved the game to a game.htm file and a game_files folder that contains the .css and .js files.

Tonight he accidentally hit CMD-W instead of CMD-S, which closed that browser (Chrome) window. When he re-opened twinery.org, the home page appeared and said that he had 0 stories. I tried to import game.html to twinery.org, but nothing happens--no story appears.

How do I import the game.html and game_files folder to twinery? Is this possible? Do I need to convert them somehow?

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Unfortunately what your son saved using the CMD-S on his Mac was a copy of the Twine 2.x application, and not his story project. The HTML file he creates doesn't contain his projects so there is no way to retrieve them from that file.

The Twine 2.x application automatically saves its story projects within the local storage cache of the web-browser being used to run the application.

You can backup all your story projects by using the applications Archive option to create an archive HTML file, you can also backup an individual story project by using the Publish to File options to create a story HTML file based on that project.

Both the archive HTML file and the story HTML file can be imported back into the Twine 2.x application by using the Import From File option.

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CMD-S looks like it backed up the HTML version of the story, not the Twine application. His text does appear in the game.htm file.

I searched through Chrome's cache, but couldn't find anything usable. Nonetheless, we have 3/4 of his story in the .htm file. I was wondering if that could somehow be converted and/or imported back to web site, as opposed to having to type it all in again by hand.

Thanks for your reply,

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Have you tried using Twine2's menu item "Import from file" to load the published .htm file?

Under Windows using Firefox (which is my environment), the online version of Twine2 includes the menu item "Import from file" in its right-hand user interface column. It allows me to browse through the computer's file system and is able to load any story file previously published by Twine2. I'm rashly assuming that the same capability exists when using a browser on the Mac.

I'm sure this is what Greyelf was trying to convey in the last paragraph of the previous answer, not that it works only with copies of the story expicitly saved as backups.