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Me gustaría un  videoclip que guiara al novato. Es posible?

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En espanol no me se ninguno. Si te sirven en ingles, de aqui; es de donde aprendi; yo los primeros pasos http://www.adamhammond.com/twineguide/. Hay explicaciones tanto en texto como algunos videos de Youtube (tambien en ingles). Explica lo mas basico del formato Sugarcube (uno de los "formatos de historia" que permite usar Twine, algo asi como uno de los lenguages compatibles con Twine).

PD: Agg, acabo de darme cuenta de que la web no es compatible ni con acentos ni con la ~n


I don't know any in Spanich. If English works for you, here is where I learnt my first steps from: http://www.adamhammond.com/twineguide/. There's are tutorials both in text and in Youtube videos. It explains the most basic steps of the Sugarcube format (one of the "story formats" allowed by Twine, something like one of the programming languages allowed by Twine).

PS: I've just noticed this site is not compatible with accents nor the leter ~n

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I would like a video clip that will guide the newbie. it's possible?