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I tries to play my game and my passage that exists was showing up as passage doesn’t exist.  I have three choices Andy all of them are showing up as not existing.  I am using SugarCube 2.21.0 If that means anything.  Does anyone know why this is happening?

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Can you show the code please

To go to a passage ues this:

[[My Bedroom|Bedroom]]

They both go to the same passage but one will show Bedroom the other My Bedroom.


If you want to go to a passage to get information but not look at it use this:

Bedroom Passage

Sleep Passage
<<run $gameDate.setHours($gameDate.getHours() + 8)>>\
adds 8hr to sleep

<<goto [[Bedroom]]>>

This will get information from the sleep passage but will go back to the bedroom passage.


Anotherway is this

<<set $Variable to Story.get("example").text>>

This will create a $Variable that when call will show the text on the example passage. You will not see a direct link. Best used for headers and footers that will be on a number of pages, saving you writing code again and again.