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I am trying to add a picture in my story that the player can later reference. I don't know if I should do this by creating an inventory that they can click on and the picture pops up? If so, I have NO idea how to create an inventory. I am a very basic beginner and I do not understand a lot of coding. Help please!

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If you just want to show images in your game, I have some helpful sample code for showing images in Twine/SugarCube here (click "Jump to Start" in the UI bar on the left to see other sample code there).

How you want the player player to reference the picture later on in your game is entirely up to you.  It could be anything from simply having a link which says, "Show the picture you found earlier", to making a full-blown inventory you can pull up and click "Show" on the image item.  It's up to you what you think would be best for your game and is within the range of your coding skills.

If you do want to have an inventory system in your game, you can take a look at my response in this r/twinegames Reddit post where I go over the three main inventory systems for Twine/SugarCube and explain their differences.

Hope that helps!  :-)